when you try to tell a joke but nobody gets it


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I knew it wasn’t too important, but it made me sad anyway.

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So glad I’m stone cold sober & can’t fucking fall asleep & have an exam in 7 hours & the only 2 people I want to talk to are busy

[TW: rape, rape culture]


my ancestral grandmother was kidnapped and raped by a white man at the age of 13. she was kept in an “Indian pen” and one of her children was murdered by this man. that story has haunted my family for generations and we have still not come to terms with being descendants of…


"Open books, not legs" is the dumbest shit ever like

if I wanna read then I’ll read

and if I wanna fuck then I’ll fuck

and if I wanna rest my book against a hot guy’s head while he puts it between my spread legs then I’m gonna fucking do that bye

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Worrying myself into full on anxiety is so much fun :) :)
Not making me feel sick at all :) :) :)
SOS Someone send me xanax